Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee Plus

Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee Plus
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Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee Question & Answer


1. De BEAUTY® Reborn lecithin Green Coffee ® slimming drink is?
For fat type obesity, four effects [thin waist] [thin arm] [thin ass] [thin leg]

2. Reborn lecithin Green Drinks Coffee ® slimming drinks compare to other slimming drinks on the market what is the difference?
4 process

1 fat burning
2 reduce appetite
3 reduce the absorption of carbohydrates

4 reduce obesity caused by uneven conditioning the body.

3. Reborn lecithin Green Coffee ® relative to other competing brands of products, our strengths is?
Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee unique formula lecithin, it can effectively soften the hardened fat, so fat can be burned in a short time, to achieve rapid weight loss.

4. Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee have any benefit?
help remove belly, lean face, V-face, double chin, to solve the problem of muscle relaxation, arms thick, and help reduce the thigh and lower leg, hips problems quickly under the waist and tummy reduction.

5. De BEAUTY® Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee after drinking how many days I can slim down?
Through clinical trials, most people in the next 30 days about a balanced diet can lose 3-5 kg​​. (Results vary).

6. De BEAUTY® Reborn lecithin Green Coffee ® How to take, how about the taste?
recommend just started one day per sachet, with breakfast drink together.
Stir with 100 ml to 150 ml hot water. 
Milk coffee taste.

7. Which people are not fit to drink De BEAUTY® Reborn lecithin Green Coffee ®?

pregnancy, who are taking any prescription disease, severe ill (heart disease, kidney disease, cancer patients) and those who just knee surgery.
Drugs or caregiver, you need to consult a doctor, drinking in the doctor's recommendations.

8 drinking Reborn lecithin Green Coffee can cause rapid heartbeat?
No, because Reborn lecithin Green Coffee contains caffeine is only small amount.
And brew only 100ml of water.

9. after stopped taking have any side effects? And what is the difference available in the market?
not rebound, because Reborn Lecithin Green Coffee is not a drug to lose weight.
That are no side effects, 100% natural ingredients formulated.
No stimulation, and has a natural decomposition of starch, blocking the equation is to stay in the human body fat based on bidirectional carbohydrate heap, it will not enter the bloodstream or affect the body organs.
Therefore, no safety issues, in full compliance with international standards of learning healthy weight without side effects.

10. Why when start taking weight will quickly drop, but weight will pause after a period of time, why?
This is a self-adjust to accommodate the bodyweight loss rate will gradually slow down.
Usually after a general adjustment of time, weight can cross this bottleneck, and then continue down minus.
Stagnation is bound to go through the process of weight loss. 

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