Reborn Collagen Plus ( Out Of Stock )

Reborn Collagen Plus ( Out Of Stock )
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Reborn Collagen Plus Question & Answer

1.What is the different between De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ® and others brand?

This is a new generation collagen! 
Retain 5000mg small molecules collagen

5 effective ingredients to achieve 39 kinds of beauty skin effects.

2.What is our strengths to compared with others brand?
Reborn  collagen plus is 5 in 1 beauty drinks. It have 5 effective ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed collagen = firming
  • Hyaluronic acid = moisture
  • Soy Isoflavones = conditioning hormone
  • Pueraria = bust up
  • ​L-glutathione = whitening

​This is comprehensive beauty drinks, normally on the market only had single function.

3.What benefit if I drinks
De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ®?
Increase skin elasticity and gloss, bump hole repair and desalination dark circle and balance skin tone.

4.Why we need
De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ®?
After 25 years old we will lose 1.5% collagen every year, when lose collagen will cause dry skin, imbalance skin tone and wrinkles.

How long to see the effective result after drinking
De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ®?
Usually between 2 to 4 weeks

De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ® How to take it, and what is the flavour?
Recommend just started one day a sachet in the morning on an empty stomach.
Add 200 ml to 250ml ordinary water. Mix berry flavours.

Which people are not fit to drink De BEAUTY® Reborn collagen plus®?

  • Seafood sensitive
  • Uterine hygroma, cancer patients, pregnant, who are taking drug please consult to your doctor.

8.Puraria mirifica have any side effect for men?

No, it will only effective on female hormones

Any reaction after drinking
De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ®?
Drinking De Beauty Reborn collagen plus will not cause any side effective.
Based on individual constitution will more vaginal and feeling fever heat. That is because puriara milifica being conditioning female hormones.

Will be improve after one week.

10.What is the different between powder type and liquid type collagen?
Powder type are better than liquid type, it has small molecules, when stir with water will directly active and more easy for absorption.
And powder type is not add any preservations.

11.Have any others benefit for
De BEAUTY® Reborn Collagen Plus ®?
It can solve spur, bald, constipation. detox, antioxidant.


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