Stemcell Reju Serum x3 Box - Limited Time Only

Stemcell Reju Serum x3 Box - Limited Time Only
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De Beauty Chrisear Stemcell Reju Serum

De Beauty Chrisear Stemcell Reju Serum

Stemcell Reju Serum(Replace & repair serum)
As our ageing and poor lifestyle will cause skin cell ageing rapidly and lack of growth factor. Its will speed up the aging process and weaken the nutrient absorption. It will seriously occurs skin cell cant absorption of skin care and nutrient lost.

Regulate skin cell growing process, repair damage skin cell. Keep skin cell function normal, maintain hydration level and collagen growth.

The complex Vitamin , CritmumMaritimum Extract, Tuber Aestivum Extract, Licorice, Hyaluronic Acid

Direction of usage:
After cleanse face; gentle tapping the serum on whole face
For maximum result: use ultrasonic penetrate the serum and apply soothing gel.

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