V Spray Advance Slim Mist

V Spray Advance Slim Mist
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V Spray  and Firmist


Slimming and firming activity proven


Lipid storage and arrangement in the body depends on eating habits, exercise, ages and hormone levels. In women, fat is mainly stored in buttocks, thighs, and hips due to the influence of oestrogens. However, in men and menopausal women, fat accumulates in the waist and abdominal area.

Drawing on research advances concerning for the miracle solution to have the perfectly sculpted body figures, DeBEAUTY  developed V Spray  and Firmist micellar solution – the “SOS Silhouette” programme addresses the mechanism of action to remodel yours’s body shape without adverse effect.


V Spray  – Reduce your extra centimeters


Firmist – Tighten skin and put adipocytes on diet after slimming


V Spray  - Liposuction in a jar


Today, the consumer expectations on the level of effectiveness of slimming products are increasingly closer to those obtained by plastic surgery such as Liposuction.


Scientifically speaking, caffeine is the star ingredient in slimming products, it stimulates lipolysis through the inhibition of phosphodiesterase. However, caffeine alone is not able to blocks all the route contributing to obesity. Our goal was to develop a slimming products works more effective than caffeine alone. For this, we drew our inspiration from the research conducted on obesity, where scientist have found an abnormally high intracellular level of 2 polyamines in obese subjects: spermine and spermidine.


These two molecules shows a very wide spectrum of action on lipid metabolism: they stimulate lipogenesis (fat production), inhibit lipolysis (breakdown of fat) and activate pre-adipocyte differentiation (adipogenesis).


 V Spray  capable to hinder the activity of spermine and spermidine thanks to the presence of Caffeine and Red Seaweed Extract offered the powerful lipo-reducing action.   






How’s Red Seaweed Extract and caffeine works?


As mentioned earlier, caffeine is the star active ingredients in slimming products because it composes of strong lipolysis (fat breakdown) activity on fat cells and block the transport of glucose.


Meanwhile, the 3 disaccharidic molecules from Red Seaweed Extract will trapped the spermine and spermidine molecules to deactivate their roles as lipogenesis initiator.


Caffeine and Red Seaweed Extract accomplished one another in order to keep your body slim.  The slimming efficacy is far more effective when combines with these two actives as they blocked all the pathway leading to fat generation. Plus, V Spray is a micellar solution itself, the micelles in  V Spray  will help deliver the actives ingredients to the target area and this make V Spray a profound slimming products.


V Spray  effectively brought greater loss in centimeters around yours’s body and help reduce cellulite.


The result from V Spray  is so promising that you can even see the target area is smaller for at least 0.5cm to 1cm 5 minutes right after the first application.


V Spray  significantly reduce cellulite in 2 weeks and slim the thighs in 4 weeks.


Firmist – Tighten Loose Saggy Skin after Weight Loss



The appearance of loose skin is the disappointing side effect after yours’s diameter reduce. If the loosen skin not treat well, it can easily absorbed fat and returned to its former condition.


When the diameter of your body get expanding, the skin structural modifications at the dermal level will happen. This include alterations of elastic fibers and collage, modification of fibroblasts, the reduction and loss of cohesion with the interstitial; and other modifications such as alteration of the microcirculation which decreases and becomes disorganized. The visco-elasticity of the skin distort due to the alteration in the shape of fibroblast.


Firmist formulated by using the patented active ingredients, consisting of a synergistic combination of plant substances of Terminalia Catappa Leaf Extract (and) Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract which able to bring tensor, firming and astringent effects to the skin. These plant actives are rich in polyphenols and flavonoids which help to reinforces the skin elasticity and tonicity, while reducing hyperlaxity and help restructure loosen tissue and encourages the improvement of microcirculation. Firmist is also a micellar solution, the micelles in Firmist will penetrate through the skin barrier easily so that the actives work effectively in tone and firm up your’s body.




Firmist significantly improved the skin firmness on the treated areas after 6 weeks of continuous application.



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